This is the easiest way to create software based temperature documentation.


  • easy temperature documentation via USB stick
  • document and display up to 39 values which the control unit uses to operate the refrigerator/freezer, such as: temperature profile, door openings, alarm,...
  • evaluation of the refrigerator/freezer with the KIRSCH-DATANET software package.
  • data recording up to 30 hours after a power failure.
  • retrofitting possible.


With this version a USB port in the control panel of a KIRSCH refrigerator or freezer is used to transfer data. The supplied USB stick is connected to the USB port on the cooling device. When the data transfer is completed a message appears in the display of the refrigerator or freezer. All data is being transferred to the PC via the USB stick. Monitoring is not supported with this version.

The PC-KIT-STICK is only available for KIRSCH refrigerators and freezer (except for the models MED 85, MED 125, Froster MED 70, Froster LABEX 70 and LABO 85). If you wish to retrofit, models produced from July 2010 will recieve a new panel with a USB port. It might be necessary to replace the control board in older models. In this case fill in the form to contact us.

Scope of supply for PC-Kit-Stick

  • Temperature documentation software KIRSCH-DATANET
  • Datalogger board
  • Li-Ion battery
  • USB-Stick

Software Kirsch -DATANET

KIRSCH-DATANET SOFTWARE PACKAGE: Our software KIRSCH-DATANET captures, evaluates and documents the recorded data. The recorded data can be exported to other programs and sent via email. Additionally, the program offers a monitoring function. The current interior temperature and alarm messages from the connected refrigerators and freezers are shown on screen. You can run the program in English, French or German.

You find an overview of the main features of the program in the brochure for the KIRSCH-PC-KIT. Full instructions are included on the CD.