Laboratory Freezers

KIRSCH Laboratory Freezers stand out particularly thanks to their thick housing insulation made of high-quality, pressure-foamed material. Our LABEX models are explosion proof. The storage temperature can be adjusted between -5 °C and -30 °C depending on the model.


Basic Model without explosion-proof interior

Maximized temperature stability and a thick housing insulation made of high-quality, pressure-foamed material. Each laboratory freezer guarantees a safe storage for your sensitive goods.

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Laboratory Freezer-Froster-Labo-530


TÜV-certified explosion proofness: Our LABEX laboratory freezers fulfill the safety requirements for explosion-proof areas of zone 2 and guarantee that the interior is free of ignition sources.

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Laboratory freezer-Labex-96

Explosion Proof And Re-CirculatING Air Cooling

We provide you with a maxiumum of explosion proofness and a maxiumum of temperature consistency- thanks to our LABEX® technology and the adapted KIRSCH-re-circulating air cooling (optimized air guide panels). The unique combination of explosion proofness, automatic fast defrosting, controlled decompression and re-circulating air cooling lead to the safest and best storage conditions for your goods.

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New: PRO-ACTIVE Control

Benefit from the

- Savings in power consumption of up to 60%,

- Minimization of the temperature deviation in the interior, to only 1.5°C from the warmest to the coldest point

(according to DIN measurement, models MED, BLUT, LABO and LABEX),

- Faster reaction time thanks to proactive alerting in the event of problems,

- high reliability of the electronic control board