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Fast, easy and reliable and low operating costs- The KIRSCH-PC-KIT enables you to create the temperature documentation and to monitor (depending on the PC-KIT version) a KIRSCH refrigerator or freezer with a conventional PC.

State-of-the-art documentation
With the KIRSCH-PC-KIT, you can document and display up to 39 values which the control unit uses to operate the refrigerator/freezer. Operating costs are low because no recording discs are needed. Document for example:

  • temperature profile measured by the sensor for controlling the temperature
  • temperature profile measured by the sensor for the display
  • data showing when the door was opened 
  • data showing when the device was in alarm mode etc.

State-of-the-art monitoring

Monitor live via PC-KIT-NET or PC-KIT USB-MONITORING the following functions of your KIRSCH device:

  • actual temperature
  • alarm messages
  • ventilator
  • compressor
  • defrosting

The PC-KIT is optionally available in 3 different versions:


You can connect as many refrigerators and freezers in the network as required. Documentation of the temperature history and monitoring of the devices. Simultaneous data access for up to 3 users. more »


For electronic temperature documentation and monitoring; available as a single-user version which can be connected to the PC via the USB port.
more »


This is the easiest way to create the temperature documentation via an USB stick.

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Refrigerators and freezers which feature an RS-485 interface can generally be retrofitted with the PC-Kit-Net and PC-Kit-USB-Monitoring. If this interface is not present the KIRSCH-DATALOG can provide the functions of the PC-KIT-Net or of the PC-KIT-USB-Monitoring.

The PC-KIT-STICK is only available for KIRSCH refrigerators and freezer (except for the models MED 85, MED 125, Froster MED 70, Froster LABEX 70 and LABO 85). If you wish to retrofit, models produced from July 2010 will recieve a new panel with an USB port. It might be necessary to replace the control board in older models. In this case fill in the form to contact us.