Refrigerators for pharmaceuticals and vaccines according to DIN 58345

KIRSCH is the market leader for pharmaceutical refrigerators in Germany. Each refrigerator is particularly made to meet the demanding DIN 58345 regulation.* Our products are market leading in temperature stability and quality.


Your opinion is important to us, this allows us a consistent development of our pharmaceutical refrigerators. Each unit consists of a robust housing and quality components "Made in Germany". This ensures reliability and long life, which ultimately is good for your budget. 

Medikamenten Kuehlschrank MED 520 ULTIMATE

Depending on the individual model type, the refrigerators also feature:

  • Re-circulating air cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Automatical defrosting and melt water evaporation
  • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
  • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing regulation to maximize temperature stability
  • Optical and acoustical alarm including power failure alarm
  • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
  • Safety device to prevent freezing
  • RS485 interface for computer based temperature documentation
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Height-adjustable drawers
  • Individual drawer division with adjustable length and cross dividers.
  • Low-noise compressor

Glass doors are available for most models, as well as a decorative installation frame or door coupling fittings.


Pharmaceutical/ Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers

 DIN 58345 Regulation

The "Refrigerators for pharmaceuticals DIN 58345" has been in force since September 2007. Requirements include: lockable door, operating temperature between +2 °C and +8 °C with reference measurement of the model series, acoustic and optical warning in the event of temperature deviation and power failure, safety features preventing temperatures below freezing, potential-free contact for remote warning etc.