Explosion Proofness Confirmed

Conformity statement

The safety of our LABEX® models has been confirmed by means of the conformity statement issued by TÜV-SÜD.

TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH certifies to KIRSCH, in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union and with reference to § 256 of the Guideline for the Application of Directive 2014/34/EU, on the basis of a voluntary test, that the basic safety and health requirements for the design and construction of devices and protective systems for intended use in potentially explosive atmospheres are met.


Technical review

The TÜV-SÜD confirms that our LABEX-Models fulfill the requirements of explosion proofness (ATEX 2014/34/EU guidline). We would be happy to send you the the technical review. Please contact us.