Blood Bank Refrigerators

All KIRSCH Blood Bank Refrigerators offer you the best possible variant for the storage of your banked blood. All refrigerators are made of a robust housing, thick insulation, easy-to-maintain interior container, forced-air cooling, automatic defrosting, etc.

You have the choice between:

Kirsch ESSEntial-line blood bank refrigerators

The ESSENTIAL-Line blood bank fridge is your entry into KIRSCH-quality. It is designed and aimed for the essentials in terms of cooling. It offers robustness, temperature stability, and various interior options according to your needs.

If you prefer to document the temperature with a mechanical chart recorder instead of digital, PC-based monitoring, the ESSENTIAL-LINE is your best match.

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KIRSCH Blood Bank Refrigerators according to DIN 58371

KIRSCH blood bank refrigerators are our top products. Each blood bank fridge features numerous innovations as standard equipment. Compliant with DIN 58371 standard.

Requirements include: lockable door, operating temperature between +3 °C and +5 °C with reference measurement of the model series, acoustic and optical warning in case of temperature deviations and power failure, safety features preventing temperatures below freezing, potential-free contact for remote warning, inside temperature can be monitored etc.

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New: MED 200

With PRO-ACTIVE-control: Permanent, proactive monitoring of the performance data