Quality and innovation out of tradition -
Since 1865 experience in cooling.

The experience we gained since 1865 in terms of cooling, we use consistently to improve the quality and functionality of our refrigerators and freezers.
Powerful, innovative, sustainable and safe - these are the guiding principles and values ​​of the company's philosophy that drive us and make us successful worldwide. The market leader position for pharmaceutical and blood bank refrigerators and an international customer base confirm this success.


Kirsch Ergonomics-Concept

Kirsch Reliability


Our certified quality products for you at a glance:

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators and Freezers

Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers from KIRSCH fulfill the requierements set forward by the DIN 58345 Regulation and feature a broad range for
adjusting the storage temperature.

Blood Bank Refrigerators and Blood Plasma Freezers

Blood bank refrigerators and blood plasma freezers fulfill the requirements set forward by DIN 58371 / DIN 58375 and are highly efficient thanks to their special insulation.


Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers

Laboratory refrigerators and freezers with/without explosion-proof interior are optionally fitted with an intrinsically safe interior.


Temperature documentation with KIRSCH-DATANET

Maximum quality assurance for your refrigerated goods - seamlessly, simple, reliable.
Seamless temperature documentation and analysis of the data as well as real time monitoring of your cooling equipment (monitoring).