Laboratory Refrigerators with explosion-proof interior and re-circulating air cooling


Labor Kuehlschrank LABEX 720 ULTIMATE

LABEX®-Intrinsic Safety

The storage of your sensitive and highly flammable substances requires both precise and reliable cooling. All of our LABEX®-Laboratory Refrigerators with the special re-circulating air cooling concept (intrinsically safe) are specifically designed for the storage of explosive materials. Our quality characteristic of Intrinsic Safety is decribe as follows:

- Intrinsically safe supply of the interior,
  that means the components do not generate sparks.
- Special conduction concept for electric flows,
  that may arise due to static charge (e.g., by operator).


KIRSCH air flow concept: re-circulating air-cooling by means of a cross flow blower combined with optimized ventilation plates. This concept keeps the temperature constant an reduces the natural temperature stratification.


  • Structural safety for all non-electrical components
  • Energy restriction of the power circuits on the interior
  • Temperature sensors are protected by safety barriers
  • Re-circulating blower protected by safety power pack
  • Ground protection for the complete refrigerator interior (potential equality)
  • Refrigerator interior is not opened to the outside (manual removal of melt water)
  • Material combinations on the inside are non-combustible
  • Production facilities are inspected by an independent accredited company