Laboratory Refrigerators with explosion-proof interior and forced air cooling*


LABEX®-Intrinsic Safety


When storing flammable and/or explosive substances, a spark may be generated (as a result of static discharge or presence of electrical components in the interior) potentially causing an explosion. Our refrigerators and freezers with explosion-proof interiors are specially designed to prevent such situation and offer you maximum safety when storing dangerous goods.




We are delighted to be the first manufacturer that can offer you the Zone 1 innovative product.

There are many reasons why you should choose KIRSCH refrigerators and freezers with Zone 1 or Zone 2 explosion-proof interiors:

  • LABEX® intrinsic safety and constructive safety: Your guarantee for explosion protection at the highest level.

  • Highest possible storage safety due to explosion-protected interior of Zone 1

  • All electrical devices and components used in the interior (fans, temperature sensors, etc.) are specially designed for use in Zone 1* and Zone 2

  • Intrinsically safe power supply to the temperature sensors in the interior

  • Special grounding concept for discharge of electrical potentials

  • Antistatic design of the plastic parts in the interior

  • Maximum temperature stability even in the explosion-protected interior

  • Consultation with our EX protection specialists, for your maximum safety

*LABEX 105, LABEX 125 and LABEX 465 without air cooling


Labor Kuehlschrank LABEX 720 ULTIMATE



In 2014, the new ATEX product directive was released and replaced the 94/9/EG directive. The transition period ended on 31.10.20219. From this date, the new directive 2014/34/EU is mandatory. ATEX certificates based on Directive 94/9/EG are no longer valid (with a few exceptions).


KIRSCH was the first company in the laboratory cooling sector to react to the new ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU and ignition source free/intrinsic safety and design safety tested and confirmed by TÜV Süd.


Important notice:

According to ATEX Operating Directive the equipment operator is responsible for the correct refrigerator selection. The frequency of occurrence of an explosive atmosphere, play an important role in the selection, as well as the determination of an appropriate zone/appliance category.


Do you need assistance?

We are here for you: Our explosion protection specialists will be happy to give you more information about our safety features. Please contact us by phone (0781-9227-224) or by contact form.