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Refrigerator without compressor 

Kirsch opens a new chapter in cooling by introducing its MagnetoCool®-technology. In the near future, Kirsch refrigerators will cool with magnets instead of compressors.

The benefits are:

  • Efficiency - 30 % decrease in energy consumption
  • Long life - lower wear thanks to system design
  • Safety - no flammable refrigerants based on gases


Discover the MagnetoCool®-technology in our video:

MagMed - Magnetocaloric cooling system

The team of the MagMed and MagMed 2 research projects is developing an energy-efficient cooling system that uses the so-called magnetocaloric effect and does not require any fluids that are harmful to the environment. Dr. Kilian Bartholome and Dr. Jochen Kopitzke explain in an interview how this works.''

published in industrie-energieforschung.de on 02.12.2021
Magneto Cool