Cleanroom Laboratory Refrigerators

Labor Kuehlschrank LABO 520 ULTIMATE



Allows operation in cleanroom environments thanks to a special HEPA filter. Since our refrigerators operate without an extraction system, you also save a lot of money.


Your perfect cleanroom solution

Since every cleanroom has its own special features, the purchase of a refrigerator you want to install, should always be preceded by comprehensive professional advice. Talk to us. We will be happy to offer you a project-specific and customised solution for your cleanroom.



  • No on-site costs (for enclosure of the unit or extraction system)
  • HEPA filter (removes 99.95% of particles)
  • PT100 sensor arm Condenser 
  • Housing made of galvanised sheet steel with white, scratch-resistant powder coating or stainless steel
  • Defrost water tray (for manual emptying)
  • Disinfectant resistance tested (cleaning recommendation according to data sheet)