Laboratory Refrigerators

Labor Kuehlschrank LABO 520 ULTIMATE


Even temperature distribution and homogeneity in the interior

Laboratory refrigerators play a vital role in preserving the integrity of sensitive samples and materials, supporting scientific research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development, and ensuring the safety and quality of stored substances. Their design and features are tailored to meet the specific demands of the laboratory environment.
Every KIRSCH laboratory refrigerator is reliable and creates optimal conditions for storing your sensitive goods. Our laboratory refrigerators are world leaders when it comes to temperature constancy.



  • Temperature Control: Our Laboratory refrigerators are capable of maintaining precise and consistent temperature levels typically between 0°C and 15°C, which is ideal for storing various biological and chemical materials.
  • Uniform Temperature Distribution: They are equipped with fans and advanced airflow systems to ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout the interior, preventing temperature fluctuations that could compromise sample integrity.
  • Safety: Depending on the model, our lab refrigerators often come with safety features such as alarms to alert users of temperature deviations, power failures, or other issues that could jeopardize the contents. Some models also have locks to secure sensitive or hazardous materials.
  • Size and Capacity:They come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate the specific needs of different laboratories. They range from compact benchtop units to large refrigerators.
  • Energy Efficiency: Kirsch laboratory refrigerators are designed to be energy-efficient to minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact.
  • Material Compatibility: They are constructed with materials that are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, as well as shelving systems and storage compartments suitable for various types of containers, including vials, bottles, and plates.
  • Temperature Monitoring and Control: Our laboratory refrigerators are equipped with digital temperature controllers and data logging capabilities to record and monitor temperature conditions over time, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and sample traceability.
  • Explosion-Proof Models: In specific laboratory environments where flammable materials are handled, explosion-proof or spark-free refrigerators may be required to prevent any ignition sources. Check our our Labex-Models for further information on this topic.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Standards: Our laboratory refrigerators comply with industry-specific regulations,  to ensure the safe storage of vaccines, drugs, and biological samples.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Proper installation, calibration, and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure the reliable operation of laboratory refrigerators and to comply with regulatory requirements. You can rely on our technicians to take care of the maintenance for you.

Being a manufacturer enables us steady, on-going development of our products. Each unit consists of a robust housing and high-quality components Made in Germany. This guarantees reliability and longevity, which ultimately saves your budget.


Depending on the individual model type, the refrigerators also feature:

  • PRO-ACTIVE Control
  • Recirculating air-cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Automatical defrosting and melt water evaporation
  • Height- adjustable shelves
  • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
  • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing regulation to maximize temperature stability
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Safety device to prevent freezing
  • Optical and acoustical alarm
  • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Data documentation can be read via USB interface with KIRSCH Datanet software.
  • RS-485 interface for computer based temperature documentation
  • Low-noise compressor