Frequently Asked Questions

» Do you have any questions on KIRSCH?
» Do you have any questions on the search function?
» Do you have any questions on our products?
» Do you have any questions on the warranty?

Questions on Kirsch

How can I buy products made by KIRSCH?

We recommend that you order our products from retailers specialized on medical engineering or on laboratory equipment or from electrical wholesalers.

What are the advantages of products made by KIRSCH?
High quality standards, reliability and longevity. Optimal features for the use in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and in industrial applications.

What are my advantages as a supplier of products made by KIRSCH? Trouble-free and quick processing of an order, quick response in case of complaints, punctual deliveries and very good supply of spare parts.

I have a technical question.
If the user manual doesn’t provide an answer to your question you can fill in the form or contact us by telephone. 

How can I contact KIRSCH?
We regard the contact to our customers important. If you have a specific question fill in the form and send it to us.

I would like to receive a catalogue.
You find an online catalogue in the download section. If you want a printed copy you can order it by filling in the form .

I need further information on a product.
You find more information in our brochures in the download section. If you don’t find an answer there you can contact us directly.

I am a reporter. Who is my contact person?
Please fill in the following form to contact us.

Who can I talk to if I have a comment or if I want to make a complaint?
Your opinion is important to us. Please let us know your thoughts by filling in the form. Alternatively, you may also call us. Thank you.

What are the General Terms and Conditions of KIRSCH?
The General Terms and Conditions are the basis for all businesses with KIRSCH. When you click here  you can download the PDF file. To open this PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.You can also print the General Terms and Conditions.

Questions on the search function

How can I search for a specific product?
To do this you can use the quicksearch function. It is always located on the right at top next to the text. Type in one or more search words and click on >>. The search result will be displayed in just a few seconds. If you have found a product just click on the underlined product name to follow the link to the product description.

How can I narrow down my search right at the beginning?
You can improve the results if you enter the type of the product. If you are searching for the pharmaceutical refrigerator MED-100 for example you can directly type in "MED 100". In this way, you get the most precise search result. Moreover, you can choose the product category (located next to the search field).

Various search methods optimize the quick search:

Excluding a word by adding a minus sign (search word -word):
All entries with the exact or a similar search word are listed unless the exemption word is also part of the entry.

Phrasal search with upper quotation marks (“search word1 search word2”):
All entries with the exact wording and the exact order of the words between upper quotation marks are listed.

Wildcard search with asterisk and question mark (se?rch word*):
? stands for any one letter, * stands for any string. When the search has at least one wildcard an exact search for all search words entered (or for search words with wildcards) is carried out where the individual search words are combined with an AND operator.

I haven’t found a product. How should I proceed?
Did you enter the product name correctly? Can you narrow down your search? If you still don’t find what you are looking for fill in the form to contact us. 

Questions on products

I need further information on a product.
You find more information in our brochures in the download section. If you don’t find an answer there you can contact us directly.

Questions on the warranty

How long is my product covered by the warranty?
In case of defects or faults which can be traced back to faulty manufacturing the warranty applies for a duration of 24 months beginning with the day of delivery of the product to the customer unless no other warranty period is stated.

In which case am I entitled to raise a claim under the warranty?
If a device has faults or defects you are entitled to repairs and additional delivery. You have to contact us immediately if the delivered product is defective.

What is the extent of the warranty?
In a warranty case we may repair the defective device or replace it with a new and flawless product. Alternatively, if we take the defective device back we will grant a credit of the good’s worth. The customer may reduce the purchase price or may rescind the contract if two repair efforts within a reasonable period of time failed.
Where can I file my warranty claim?
Please contact us before you consider to exercise your warranty right. Fill in the form ans let us know your thoughts.