LABO 720 Chromat Standard Kirsch offen verkleinert

Laboratory Refrigerator


This laboratory fridge has a glass door, an integrated power outlet strip with 3 sockets and a cable bushing with a diameter of approximately 7 cm fitted as standard. The cable bushing is located in the middle of the right side panel.

* Pic. with aluminium basket, only opional equipment, not standard configuration



  • PRO-ACTIVE- Control:
    Permanent, proactive monitoring of the performance data and alerts in the case  of deviations – so that you can take countermeasures in good time before a fault threatens your chilled goods; world´s most accurate temperature control in refrigerated areas thanks to two standard PT-1000 sensors

  • 5 shelves, height-adjustable
  • Castors
  • Warning in case of power failure (optical and acoustic)
  • Insulating glass door and interior light
  • Built-in 3-way-socket 
  • Access port for cables and probes
    diameter app. 7 cm
  • Re-circulating air cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Automatical defrosting and melt water evaporation
  • Rapid defrosting
  • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
  • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing regulation to maximize temperature stability
  • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
  • Safety device to prevent freezing
  • Optical and acoustical alarm
  • Data documentation can be read via USB interface with KIRSCH Datanet software.
  • Low-noise compressor
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Low-noise compressor
  • Lockable door


  • Insulating glass door
  • Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors.
  • Lock for glass door
  • Additional warning in case of power failure (optical and acoustic) for up to 72 hours
  • Additionals shelves on mountings or support rails
  • Additional drawers on telescopic runner (57x40x5,6 cm): max. 12 pieces
  • Additional lenght and cross dividers for drawers
  • Aluminium trays or baskets with support rails
  • Meltwater tray for manual emptying
  • Cooling machine with cold water connection
  • Cooling machines with natural refrigerant
  • Outer panels in stainless steel 4301
  • GSM-Modul
  • PC-KIT-NET (Network capable version)
  • Pen-recording thermometer for placing loosely inside appliance with waxed paper strips
  • Disc-type pen-recording thermometer with 7-day measuring cycle with 100 recording discs and 5 felt tip pens
  • Temperature probe PT 100 or PT 1000,
    4 wire sensor, class 1/3 B, incl. measuring flask incorporated



For transmission of alarm messages via SMS


Temperature documentation Kirsch-PC-KIT

Windows®-compatible temperature documentation

Pen-recording thermometer


The easiest way to retrofit the temperature documentation

Technical Specifications

Capacity 700 l
Temperature setting (approx.) +4 to +20 °C
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power draft 370 Watts
Average consumption 3,0 KW / 24 h
Overall dimensions (incl. distance from wall) 77 x 98 x 195,5 (w x d x hin cm)
Interior dimensions 62 x 77 x 140       (w x d x hin cm)
Usable dimensions 60 x 66 x 127        (w x d x hin cm)
Overall dimensions with door
opened at 90°
77 x 165                (w x d in cm)
Shelf dimensions 59,7 x 65              (w x d in cm)
Max. loading capacity per shelf 40 kg
Weight 146 kg / 174 kg      (net / gross)

(measured values based on Ecool R600a)


Kirsch Ergonomics-Concept


Kirsch Reliability



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Laboratory Refrigerator LABO-720-CHROMAT

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